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          The JCS Fine Arts department exists to honor God through excellence in the arts and to encourage the development of the whole child.

          As children of a marvelous Creator, the ultimate Artist, each of us has an inherent desire to be creative, a desire that is fundamental to being made “in the image of God.”  We see the fine arts not as an extracurricular add-on, but as integral to the mission of the school. 

          Fine arts at Jackson Christian include choral, drama, instrumental, and visual arts. The choral program consistently has had students accepted into honor groups on the regional and state levels every year since 2012. In 2014, they earned their first Superior ratings in festival competition. Drama produces a large musical every year and frequently travels to showcase their excellent productions. The instrument program has earned Superior and Excellent ratings in both marching and concert festival competitions every year since 2010. The Eagle Marching Band has placed in the top three in their class in regional competitions every year since 2010. Instrumental students have also advanced to honor groups on the regional level every year since 2009. Visual art students explore various mediums, including ceramics, and compete in regional art competitions.

          The Mignon and Harry Shelly Fine Arts Center is dedicated to showcasing the excellence in fine arts at Jackson Christian. This facility provides small group space, new outdoor performance areas, storage for the theatre department, and a central home for all the fine arts programs.

          The primary mission of the Jackson Christian Music Program is to enhance the individual’s potential to understand music as an art form, to encourage the use of music as a form of expression, and to teach the value of music as an aesthetic experience.

          The Jackson Christian chorus exists to lead students closer to God through the appreciation of music and to create opportunities for students to use their gifts and talents in a way that enhances their lives and enriches their relationships with each other.

          Music theatre involvement at Jackson Christian is unusually high with casts varying from 50-100 students. Students participating in the annual school musical also come from a wide range of backgrounds, activities, and experiences. The theatre group is well-respected among the student body at JCS and also within the community, where they frequently sell out shows at the Ned McWherter Center.
          The Jackson Christian Visual Arts Program gives students the opportunity to participate in a variety of courses, including Beginning Art, Drawing and Painting, Multimedia, Web Design, and Honors Art.

          The purpose of the Fine Arts Network (FAN) is to support, promote, and advocate for the enrichment of the Jackson Christian fine arts students,faculty, and programs.

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