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          The primary mission of the Jackson Christian Music Program is to enhance the individual’s potential to understand music as an art form, to encourage the use of music as a form of expression, and to teach the value of music as an aesthetic experience.

          To accomplish this, we have as our objective to:

          • Enable the student to identify and understand the elements of music.
          • Provide opportunities for the student to create music.
          • Develop the student’s ability to make music alone and with others.
          • Acquaint the student with diverse styles of music.
          • Help the student discover enjoyment through musical expression.
          • Reach a level of proficiency that enables musical excellence through musically expressive and technically accurate performances.

          Band Director:
          Jack Mallard


          High School Band

          JCS Marching Band

          Senior High Band is open only to 8th-12th grade students with a minimum of one and a half years of band experience. This ensemble represents the most experienced and capable performers and is the premier performing ensemble at Jackson Christian. Students are expected to perform as part of the Eagle Marching Band/Pep Band and the Concert Band. Attendance at summer training camps and after school rehearsals is required. Students may earn either Fine Art or elective high school credits. Students are expected to attend all performances and give significant time to individual practice. Students are graded on participation at performances as well as quizzes based on the repertoire of the particular season. Students are provided significant opportunities to compete within the west Tennessee region as well as with other local ensembles. The Eagle Marching Band performs at all varsity football games (home and away) and varsity home basketball games (during the week) as well as three competitive marching events. The Concert Band performs annually at the Jackson Christian Veterans' Day Celebration, Christmas and Spring Concerts, WTSBOA Concert Festival and biannually takes a trip to a major U.S. city to compete and perform in the finest performance halls in the world. 

          The Music Program seeks to provide instruction of music on a level that promotes intellectual and social development as well as development of personal responsibility and work ethic. These developments are, above all, sought to be taught in a Christian environment, encouraging Christian morals and attitudes.  


          October 26, 2019 - Congratulations to our Eagle Marching Band! On Saturday, EMB made their first ever appearance in the Tennessee Division 1 State Marching Band Championship. They finished in 7th position overall out of the 24 bands competing, missing the top 5 by less than 3 points. They were awarded a Superior rating of "1" for their performances. In division 1B (bands numbering less than 40 performers) EMB finished in FIRST place making them the TN Division 1 State Marching Band Champions!

          JCS Band Wins at State

          Middle School Band

          Beginning Band is open to all 6th grade students and meets for one hour during the day for three quarters of the school year. Students learn the basics of reading music and performing on a specific instrument. The Beginning Band gives two performances a year at the annual Christmas and Spring Concerts. Students are expected to give time to individual practice. Students are graded by participation in performances and playing quizzes.

          Intermediate Band is open only to 7th grade students with at least one semester of band experience and meets for one hour during the day for the entire school year. This ensemble is the training group for the Senior High Band. Students continue to learn more advanced musical concepts from notation and performance. Students are expected to give more time to individual practice (minimum of 3 hours per week). Students will be given regular weekly playing quizzes and will be expected to learn at minimum eight major scales. Students are provided opportunities to compete within the west Tennessee region and occasionally perform with the Senior High Concert Band in the Spring semester. The Intermediate Band gives a minimum of two performances a year at the annual Christmas and Spring Concerts.


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