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          Jackson Christian Athletics: It's More Than a Game.

          The purpose of Jackson Christian School Athletics is to build faith in Jesus Christ and to lead our student athletes into a closer walk with God the Father.

          We work tirelessly to field competitive teams in every sport. We compete with class, sportsmanship, character, and respect for our opponents and officials. We work to continuously improve our athletic facilities to reflect our commitment to excellence. We pursue and celebrate championships while giving God the glory for these blessings. However, if we do all these things, but fail to intentionally model Jesus in our interactions with each other, if we fail to reflect His love to those around us in all situations, if we fail to create an environment of spiritual growth for our student athletes, we have failed to fulfill the purpose of Jackson Christian School Athletics.

          Jason Shelton

          Athletic Director:
          Jason Shelton

          Athletic Assistant/
          TSSAA Correspondent:
          Martha Sheffield

          Jackson Christian offers a full range of Varsity, Junior Varsity and Middle School teams in 13 sports:

          Middle School
          Jr. Varsity

          Basketball - Men:
          MS Boys
          Jr. Varsity Men
          Varsity Men

          Basketball - Women:
          MS Girls 
          Jr. Varsity Women
          Varsity Women

          Middle School
          Cross Country:
          Middle School

          5th-6th Grade
          Middle School


          Soccer - Men:
          5th Grade
          6th Grade
          Middle School Varsity
          Soccer - Women:
          MS JV Girls
          MS Girls

          Middle School

          Middle School

          Eagle baseball has proven to be one of the strongest teams in West Tennessee in the past 20 years with two state championships and six appearances in the final game.
          Our pipeline is full with players who dominated in middle school.  Eagle basketball has become a program to be feared.
          Lady Eagles Basketball continues to grow in their success.
          With a strong heritage of competitive cheer, our current pep squads fill a vital role in Eagle athletics.
          Numerous state meet appearances provide our Eagle Cross Country athletes with regular opportunities to compete at the highest level.
          Our future is bright in Division II. Eagle Football enjoys as much momentum as any program on campus. Come and enjoy the excitement!
          Our students learn to enjoy a life-long sport in our Eagle middle and high school golf programs.
          With more experience than ever before, and with a reputation for winning, Eagle men's soccer is one of the premier programs in West Tennessee.
          With recent state tournament appearances, the reputation of dominance enjoyed by our Lady Eagles soccer program is well deserved.
          Eagle Softball is now one of the teams expected to compete for a state title. This group continues to get better and better.
          Our tennis program continues to expand with top-level coaching and the addition of new tennis courts on campus.
          Our athletes annually experience success in track, the ultimate individual sport.
          As an integral part of Eagle athletics, Booster Club provides not only funding for Eagle athletics, but a wide array of involvement opportunities for our friends.

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