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          Soccer - Women

          You'll Never Walk Alone

          Jackson Christian Soccer is one of the most decorated athletic programs in West Tennessee. The women’s program, founded in 1998, has earned nine berths to the State Tournament, with four straight from 2013-2016, as well as numerous District Championships, District Tournament Championships and Region Tournament Championships. More than awards, we take pride in referring to every player and family member as part of the Jackson Christian Soccer family.


          JCS High School Soccer

          2019 Varsity Schedule

          Aug. 6ColliervilleHome6:00 p.m.
          Aug. 8South SideHome4:00 p.m.
          Aug. 13Chester Co.Home(Canceled)
          Aug. 15LexingtonLexington6:00 p.m.,
          Regular Season:
          Aug. 19TCA*TCA5:30 p.m..
          Smoky Mountain Cup:
          Aug. 23Cosby High - TNRocky Top Sports World #18:40 p.m.1-3 L
          Aug. 24Sevier Co. - TNSCHS Stadium12:40 p.m.2-2 T
          Aug. 24Model HS - KYRocky Top Sports World #28:00 p.m.2-3 L
          Aug. 27South GibsonSo. Gibson6:00 p.m.2-3 L
          Aug. 29ECS*ECS6:00 p.m.0-3 L
          Sept. 5FACS*Home5:30 p.m.5-4 W
          Sept. 10Fayette Academy*Fayette Acad.5:30 p.m.
          Sept. 12TRA*Home5:30 p.m.4-0 W
          Sept. 17Sacred HeartHome5:00 p.m.7-0 W
          Sept. 19Trenton PeabodyHome6:30 p.m.6-1 W
          Sept. 24TCAHome5:00 p.m.4-4 W (4-1P)
          Sept. 26USJ*USJ6:00 p.m.2-7 L
          Oct. 1Scotts Hill (Sr. Night)Home6:45 p.m.4-1 W
          Post Season:
          Oct. 8Region 1st Round:
          Fayette Academy
          Home8-0 W
          Oct. 10Region Quarter Final:
          Lausanne1-4 L
          Varsity Photos YNWA Video

          Darren Goldie

          Follow us:

          Middle School Varsity 

          Middle School Soccer 2019
          2019 Schedule
          Aug. 3JamboreeLexingtonTBA
          Aug. 8DyersburgHome5:30
          Aug. 15Chester Co.Home5:30
          Aug. 19McNairyHome5:00
          Aug. 22Henderson Co.Away6:30
          Aug. 26Inman (Paris)Here5:30
          Aug. 29St. Mary'sHome5:00
          Sept. 3WTHSA - 8th Gr. NightHome5:30
          Sept. 7McNairyHome6:00
          Sept. 9LexingtonAway6:00
          Sept. 10Fayette WestAway5:00
          Sept. 16-20PlayoffsTBATBA
          MS Photos

          Lauren Andrews
          Maggie Teichmann

          Collegiate Signings

          Catie Beth Hatch
          Bethel University, Class of 2017

          Amelia Grizzell 
          Harding University, Class of 2016

          Georgia Hopkins 
          Union University, Class of 2015

          Lauren Cherry 
          Union University, Freed-Hardeman University, Class of 2013

          Jasmine Riley 
          Union University, Class of 2013

          Bonna Hardy 
          Union University, Class of 2012

          Sara Johnson

          Union University, Class of 2010

          Brittny Johnson 
          Freed-Hardeman University, Class of 2010

          Anna Thomspon 
          Freed-Hardeman University, Class of 2006

          Chantel Mangrum 
          Bluffton College, Class of 2005

          Angela Fiddler 
          University of Tennessee at Martin, Class of 2003

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