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          Our Fall/Winter Consignment Sale is OPEN! The public sale is scheduled for September 12-13, and the Consignors Sale will be Friday, September 11. Registration is open and waiting for you to sign up.

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          Upcoming Events

          Aug. 6 - First Day of School for Secondary Students
          Aug. 6 - Elementary Orientation Day
          Aug. 7 - First Day of School for Elementary
          Sept. 12-13 - Fall/Winter Consignment Sale

           Congratulations, Class of 2020!


          Graduation 2020

          Graduation 2020


          All Students:

          • CONSIGNMENT SALE - The Fall Consignment sale is OPEN for registration, drop off times and volunteer sign ups. Early registration ends on July 31 ($7 fee until 7/31, then $10 until registration ends on 9/9.)  Each set of cardstock will allow for 120 items to be entered. You may get additional sets of paper at any time. Cardstock will be available from 3:30-5:30 in the high school lobby beginning on July 20, each Monday, Tuesday and Thursday until the week of the sale. If you need cardstock before then, let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.


            • ORIENTATION & OPENING DAYS - We have scheduled Thursday, August 6, as our Parent/Teacher Orientation Day and Friday, August 7, will be the first day of school for grades 1st - 5th and staggered schedule for Kindergarten.


              2020-21 DATES TO REMEMBER

              Tap here to view the complete Jackson Christian Calendar.

              Aug. 3 New Teacher Orientation
              Aug. 4-5 Teacher In-service
              Aug. 6 First Day of School for Secondary Students (Half Day)
              Aug. 6 ELV & Elementary Parent Meetings & Orientations (No Students)
              Aug. 7 First Full Day of School for Elementary (ELV Infants-3's & Grades 1-5) & Secondary
              Aug. 7-11 Staggered JrK and K
              Aug. 12 All JrK and K Begin Full Time
              Aug. 24-Sept. 11 NWEA Testing
              Sept. 7 Labor Day (No School)(ELV Closed)
              Sept. 12 ACT Test Date
              Sept. 25 Homecoming
              Oct. 2 End of 1st Quarter
              Oct. 5-9 Fall Break (ELV Open for Holiday Care)
              Oct. 14 PSAT (Juniors)
              Oct. 16 Report Cards
              Oct. 24 ACT Test Date
              Nov. 4-7 Washington Trip (Juniors)
              Nov. 11 Veterans Day Program
              Nov. 25-27 Thanksgiving Break (ELV Open for Holiday Care 11/25; ELV Closed 11/26-27)
              Dec. 12 ACT Test Date
              Dec. 14-17 Secondary Exams (Half Days for Secondary Students)
              Dec. 14 ELV-1st Grade Christmas Family Night
              Dec. 15 Elementary 2-5 Christmas Family Night
              Dec. 17 Half Day for Elementary & ELV (Dismiss at 11:00)
              Dec. 17 End of 2nd Quarter
              Dec. 18-Jan. 4 Christmas Break (ELV Open for Holiday Care 12/18,21,22,28,29,30)
              Dec. 21 Report Cards
              Jan. 4 Teacher In-service
              Jan. 5 First Day of Classes
              Jan. 18  MLK Holiday (No School) (ELV Closed)
              Jan. 24  Open House
              Feb. 6  ACT Test Date
              Feb. 12-15  Winter Break (ELV Open for Holiday Care 2/12; ELV Closed 2/15)
              Mar. 5  End of 3rd Quarter
              Mar. 12  Report Cards
              Mar.15-19  Spring Break (ELV Open for Holiday Care)
              Apr. 1 Grandparents Day (Half Day for Elementary & ELV - Dismiss at 11:00)
              Apr. 2 Good Friday - No School (ELV Closed)
              Apr. 10 ACT Test Date
              Apr. 19-May 7 NWEA Testing
              May 10-13 Senior Exams
              May 16 Graduation 
              May 17-20 Secondary Exams (Half Days for Secondary Students)
              May 18 Kindergarten Graduation
              May 19

              Elementary Awards Day, 5th Grade Clap Out & Reception 
              (Dismiss at 11:00) ELV Open All Day
              May 20 Last Day for Elementary & ELV (Half Day - Dismiss at 11:00)
              May 20 End of 4th Quarter
              May 28 Report Cards
              June 12 ACT Test Date
              July 17 ACT Test Date

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